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 Cassie Blake

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Cassie Blake

Cassie Blake

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PostSubject: Cassie Blake   Cassie Blake Icon_minitime1Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:10 pm

Im Cassandra Blake. I have an older brother named Andrew Blake. We were your average kids growning up until a demon came into our house and killed both of our parents. Our Uncle Bobby came in and raised use to be hunters. Andrew didnt like the fact that I had to be apart of it, but he would do anything to keep me safe like he knew my parents would have wanted. We met The Winchester threw our Uncle and of coruse Andrew being the overprotective brother that he is has to keep a close eye on me since Im into Dean. He doesnt like the fact that I have fallen so hard for Dean, but he is going to make sure that nothing happens to my heart. I became quick friends with Cat because she understood where I was coming from. Sam is a quit one when he wants to be. Now we are hunting together and keeping each other safe.

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Cassie Blake
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